The Holy Spirit

There is a need to study this subject, and frankly, many avoid it. The reason it is avoided is because there is so much misunderstanding on the subject. There has been error taught on this subject, and the fear of opposing various views on the Holy Spirit will keep people from addressing this subject.

The primary reason for the misunderstanding on this subject is the lack of knowledge of God’s word. The Bible clearly covers this subject by teaching us who the Holy Spirit is, what He does, and how He operates. Anyone who does not understand the Holy Spirit does so because they have failed to study this subject. When one is ignorant of the truth of a subject, there are those teachers out there that will fill in the ignorance with falsehood.

The Holy Spirit is a bible topic. Thus it needs to be studied so that we can teach about it and remain free from error in our conclusions and understanding of the subject. As always, whenever we discuss, study, and teach any Bible subject, we must examine everything the Bible teaches on the subject. We must be sure to apply all the rules of logic and proper hermeneutics so that we do not miss the truth of the subject.

Most of the error associated with the subject of the Holy Spirt has come about because of the need to support several false doctrines in our world today. The Pentecostal movement has contributed much of the confusion because of their teaching that the Holy Spirit is active in people separate and apart from the word of God. The teaching of Calvinism supports also the idea that the Holy Spirit operates separate and apart from the word of God. As we will demonstrate, the Bible, which is a result of the work of the Holy Spirit, will teach us the truth about the Holy Spirit, and answer the problems associated with the teaching of error on this subject.

When we speak of the Holy Spirit, we are speaking of a part of the Godhead. He is also a member of the Triune nature of God, that being the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. When we examine the Holy Trinity of God we see three distinct characters as mentioned in the previous sentence. Each member has a role in this relationship. God the Father is God almighty. He is the one to be praised, honored, and glorified by everything man is to do. The Son we know as Jesus clearly demonstrated His role in the Godhead, yet we also see the subservient role of doing only what God the Father commanded Him. Jesus also completed the plan of God which God formed before the world was formed. The Holy Spirit is also subservient to the Father and the Son in what He is allowed to do. The Bible tells us that the Holy Spirit which is also known as the Comforter or the Helper would guide people into the truth by only speaking what He was told by the Father and the Son.

The Holy Spirit has all the characteristics of a Divine being. He has power to accomplish His mission. He helps people do things that help the message of the Holy Spirit get out. He has a character that is in line with God’s character. Yes He loves us and guides us into the knowledge of God the Father. Yet, He also warns us of the consequences when we fail to keep God’s word.
By Carey Scott

The Holy Spirit - by Voyd Ballard
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[This twelve lesson series is highly recommended. I have read many books and studies on the Holy Spirit, and these lessons are as simple to understand as any I have ever read. Bro. Ballard gave me permission to place these lessons on my website and I wish to pass these along for everyone's education and enjoyment. Carey Scott]

THE HOLY SPIRIT - By Steve Fontenot

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