Argument #7

7. Denominations exist, with their differences in doctrine and practice, because it is impossible for all people to see the Bible alike.

If it is impossible for people to see the Bible alike, as so many thoughtlessly assert, then why was the Bible given as a revelation to convey the thoughts of God to the minds of men? Paul said that we are to understand what the will of God is. God is not so cruel that He would make us do something that was impossible.
Disagreement is always based upon the failure to understand what is revealed. In answer to a question as to why there are many divisions, one person said this. "Because they belong to different sects and have different systems, and they rather make the Bible bow to their own systems, than make their systems bow to the Bible. In other words, each person views the Bible from their own perspective or doctrine.
The story of the blind men and the elephant illustrate this idea. When asked to describe an elephant these blind men said that they could not unless they were allowed to touch it. Upon careful examination we find that the elephant to the one who touced the tail, said that an elephant is like a rope. Different blind men who touched different parts of the elephant got different perspectives. An elephant is like a tree. An elephant is smooth. An elephant is light as a feather. An elephant has bad breath. A man walking by saw and heard what was happening and told them they were all wrong. Each blind man walked away firmly convinced that his description was right and neither could convince the other to change their beliefs. People must be willing to get all the facts concerning a subject before making a determination.

In conclusion to this subject we offer a final plea. Are you a member of a denomination? Do you realize that by your membership in such an organization, you are lending your aid to the support of religious division, in disobedience to the will of Christ?
We implore you to consider your spiritual wantoness in the light of God's word and then forth-rightly depart from the practice of division by submission to divine authority.

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