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Woman Arrested At Gas Station

You will not believe what just happened ...

I pulled into the Fast Stop gas station to get a diet coke and when I walked up I noticed two police officers watching a woman who was smoking while fueling up. I saw her and was like, "hmm what an idiot...with the cops right there too!" But anyway, I went in and got my drink.

As I was checking out I heard someone screaming. I looked outside and the woman's arm was on fire! She was swinging her arm & running around and just going crazy! I ran outside and the cops had put her on the ground and were trying to put the fire out.

Next I saw they where putting handcuffs on her and were putting her in the police car, I was thinking "She shouldn't've been smoking & pumping gas!" But, being the concerned citizen that I am, I asked them what they were arresting her for, figuring that catching her arm ablaze would be punishment enough.

He looked me dead in my eye and said ... 'WAVING A FIREARM'

Sorry I just had to...

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