The Inspiration of the Scriptures #3

Is the Bible true or false? We are presently engaged in a study, the purpose of which is to prove the Bible is a book of truth.

In last week's lesson, I cited numerous statements made by the men who wrote the Bible. in those statements they declared over and over and over again that God gave them the very words they penned.

Now if God is truly the type of God they say He is and if their writings were that which they received from Him, then the Bible is not a book of lies but a book of truths. However, as I have said before, we cannot in the absence of proof accept their claims. So the purpose of today's lesson will be to offer supportive evidence for what we have heard them say. Consider this with me please. The Bible was written by about forty men. These men were from all walks of life. Some of them were well educated and others had very little formal education. It was about sixteen hundred years from the time the first writer began to write until the last one finished. Then all the books they had written under the afore cited circumstances were collected and made into one book, the Bible. What kind of book had they written?

(1) They had written a book in which there was not to be found one single geographical, historical, or scientific error. In fact they had written a book which was pre-geographical, pre-historical, and pre-scientific. Yes, they spoke of geographical and scientific facts hundreds and some times thousands of years before they were known by others; likewise, they wrote accurately of many historical events long before they came to pass. Could uninspired men have accomplished this?

(2) They had written a book which had something to say about hundreds and hundreds of subjects and all forty of them in their writing from year one until year sixteen hundred had something to say about almost all of them. However, no subject was left dangling but was fully and completely discussed. Neither was there to be found one example in the writings of any one of the forty which was inconsistent with that which had been written by the other thirty-nine.

(3) They had written a book which would never have need of being revised. From the days of Moses until this year nineteen hundred eighty-seven, there has been an innumerable number of scientific and archeological discoveries. These discoveries have from time to time sent out scientists and historians back to their publishers requesting revised editions of their publications. However, all these thousands of discoveries have never brought about the need for changing even one word in any scientific, geographical, or historical statement penned by any of the forty men who wrote the Bible.

(4) They had written a book which was to be more enduring than the Rock of Gibraltar. Many years ago a famous unbeliever predicted the life expectancy of the Bible to be but a few years; however, it is still alive and very healthy.

(5) They had written a book which would discredit its woud-be destroyers. Yes, after many discoveries and much learning, numerous former opponents who had scoffed at many of its scientific and historical statements were forced to accept them.

(6) They had written a book which was to have more influence for good than all other books put together. If as a child I had been capable of comprehending that which was written in the book those forty men wrote as I now do, then as a child I would have said give me parents, brothers, sisters, grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, teachers, a companion, children, in-laws, an employers or employees, merchants, physicians, neighbors, and local, state, and federal government officials who will allow the teachings found on the pages of that Book to direct their steps and you will have almost given me heaven on earth.

It is said the proof of the pudding is in the eating, and I say unto you the proof of the claim of inspiration made by the forty men who wrote the Bible is in the reading. Yes, the Bible was written by men, but not by uninspired men; otherwise, how shall we account for the great and wonderful book they wrote?

By: Tommy Hodge

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