1. There should not be an ANARCHY, no rule. It is a condition of disorder where no one is ruling [Where each one does what is right in his own eyes]. There is no government and no one with authority. In a condition of anarchy there will be much crime and mob violence. There is no police force or no authority to enforce law and order. I have personally witnessed such state of affairs in a foreign land. Surely the church is not this kind of condition. The Bible condemns those who "despise government" 2 Pet. 2:9,10. Christianity is based upon Christ and His Word. Surely the church is not an anarchy.

2. Neither is it a DEMOCRATIC form of government, people rule. A democracy is a government selected and approved by those who are governed. In a democracy there are free and open elections so that every citizen has the opportunity to rule or to choose who will rule. But the church is not governed in this way.

3. But the church is an ABSOLUTE MONARCHY, ruled by an absolute Monarch, Jesus Christ. Christ is King. He has total power and authority. No one has any right to question His right and method of ruling. This helps us to see the church in its proper light. Jesus has all authority in heaven and on earth, Mt. 28:18. He is our king and ruler, Jno. 18:37. We are subjects in His kingdom or church, Mt. 16:18,19. Since it is true that the church is an absolute monarchy, who has any right whatsoever to question anything that is laid down in God's Word concerning its organization and work? I know that I have no right, and you should feel the same way.

If certain terms of entrance into this monarchy are given, who am I to say just a part of the terms or other terms will do just as well? If certain items of worship within this monarchy are given, who am I to say that some of them are not necessary? If certain works, in the fields of evangelism, edification, and benevolence are to done in a certain way by the church, who am I to question these works or who is to do them? If churches are not to tie themselves together, because the king has said so, then who am I to say otherwise? Yes, the scriptual organization of the church, is an absolute monarchy and Jesus Christ Himself has all authority.

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