Answer: The word "Christian" only appears three times in the Scriptures.

Two of those times it is a name or a designation given to the followers of Jesus the Christ by those of the world. Most of the time it was used in a derogatory manner.

Acts 11:26 records that the disciples (learners,or followers) of Christ were called Christians at Antioch. Although it was a term applied to the followers of Christ, it was readily accepted by God.

In fact it could be taught that God gave the name to the believers. A prophecy in Isaiah teaches that God will give them (future believers in the coming age) a new name.

Peter also used the term Christian as an identification. Meaning a follower of Christ. Jesus taught "come, follow Me". The invitation has been given to all mankind. It is only logical that anyone who follows Christ, has the right to wear His name.

Unfortunately, many wear the name, but do not live according to His ideals and do not follow His teachings. But this should not stop anyone from understanding the term Christian (at least from your position) means that "I AM A FOLLOWER OF CHRIST". We should be proud to confess His name in public (Matt 10:32).

Keep studying God's word. By Carey Scott ( 7/17/2000)

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