Question: The pastor in my church has been talking about the rapture of the church. He said, "You had better believe it, because it's in the Bible." Well, I don't find it in the Bible. He keeps refering the the passage in Thessalonians where the believers meet in the air. But this is at the sound of the trumpet, when Christ returns to establish His kingdom on earth. The tribulation has already taken place at this time. Also there is no place in Revelations that talks about the church being taken away before the tribulation events begin. The word 'rapture' is not even mentioned in the Bible, so I am unable to believe in something that is not Scriptural. Am I wrong to feel this way ? My pastor has told me I am. I would like some expert opinions.

Answer: You have every right to question your preacher. Your preacher has a great responsibility upon his shoulders to preach the truth of God's word. He should be honored that anyone would come to ask bible questions or seek spiritual advise.

Yet, you also have a responsibility to seek the truth of God's word. You are not supposed to rely upon the preacher's words, but seek the knowledge of God from Scripture. God's word is truth (John 17:17). If you preacher cannot give you the truth of God's word and show it to you in the Bible, you have to ask yourself if you can put your trust in this guy.

It is hard to make changes and stand upon your convictions. If you are confident that the preacher is lying and not honest with you, you have no choice but to seek others who will be honest with you. Preachers should have more knowledge than most people in this world. When they shy away from giving Bible Authority for their teaching, it is time to take a stand with the Bible and not follow the blind guides into the ditches.

I also commend you for studying the matter of the rapture and coming to the correct (Biblical) conclusion.

Keep studying God's word. (Carey Scott, 7-14-2000,

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