Question: Could you expand on these ideas..Mutual recognition,,Mutual openess,,Mutual interests,,and mutual respect.

Answer: Mutual (found only in Rom 1:12) Having a shared interest or investment in each other; having the same feelings towards; having joint participation; sharing in the same benefits.....AOL Dictinary

I believe that the only time the Bible uses the word mutual it is describing a human relationship. Paul offering his part and hoping to receive their (Romans) part.

In only the most limited and narrow sense can we apply this type of relationship to God and man. GOD is our King and Soverign and can never be our equal. His word is given to us to OBEY, not negotiate.

In all of the definitions of Bible words that I have studied, I only recall one word which suggest a mutual benefit for both parties between God and man. That word is "righteousness". Certainly practicing the righteousness of God is beneficial for ourselves, but it is also beneficial for God.

Your other words in association with mutual:

recognition: Yes we are to help and look out for one another as many passages suggest.

openness: Confessing our faults to one another and learning when needs arise is part of this openness

interest: Our common salvation, our common faith, our common understanding, and our common goals all should be shared.

respect: Of course, we need to respect each other as fellow saints or fellow workers in the kingdom. As Rom 8:28 teaches; "All things work together for good to those who love God,..."

Our relationship with God is one on one. We also have a relationship with others who have the same one on one relationship. We must all work together and not against each other in encouraging each other to remain steadfast and faithful and obedient.

Keep studying God's word.By Carey Scott ( 7/22/2000)

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