Question:Tell me about Manasseh.He overcame failure.What was his problem,and what did he do about it?

Answer: There are five people in the Bible with that name. From your question, I am assuming that you have reference to the son of Hezekiah, King of Judah.

Actually there are two stories. One mentioned in the Kings and one in the Chronicles.

Tradition has it that after Hezekiah died, Manessah allowed heathen idolatry back into the temple which his father had removed years before.

He even went so far as to command idol worship. Upon opposition by Isaiah, he had Isaiah sawn into(cut in half with a saw). He hated the first two commandments and tried to abolish all of the law and the proper worship of God. It was during the course of his killing faithful Jews, that the ark of the covenant disappeared for the last time (in recorded scripture). It is said that the streets ran rivers of blood of the martyered Jews.

2 Kings 21:1-18 records a brief history of Manessah.

2 Chron 33:1-20 records a different story. This story shows that God caused the Assyrians to come and capture him and took him to Babylon. While there Manasseh repented and returned to God who caused him to be returned to Jerusalem, and thus behaved himself from then on.

Lesson: No matter how bad we think we are, God is still loving and kind to forgive us of our sins.

Manessah was the only King to have started out bad and ended good. He is also the only one which Kings records as bad and Chronicles contradicts that. I do not know the reason for the difference.

Keep studying God's word. By Carey Scott (July 2000

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