Question: In I Corinthians 9:14 it talks about those which preach from the gospel must live from the gospel. Does this forbid partaking in outside business activities if one is involved in formal ministry?

Answer: I do not believe that it is wrong.

The Bible teaches that we ALL are supposed to share the gospel. If we ALL quit our jobs, where would our support come from?

There are many preachers who do not take a cent from a local church treasury.

I have a secular job, and do not require full support from my congregation. Thus they can use the money elsewhere in the gospel effort.

I believe a principle is set here though.
As Paul said in another place. If we walk by the spirit, let us also live by the spirit.

In other words, PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH is what I think this means. Secondarily, I believe this does offer a precedent of a preacher receiving a salary for compensation of his efforts and expenses in proclaiming the Gospel. Some actually preach that preachers should not be paid, even though the preacher is expected to quit a job and spend all his time preaching. Something is amiss with that thinking.

Keep studying God's word. By Carey Scott (July 2000 -

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