Question: Hi, Please, Can anybody help out in this.

(1) What does the book of Jude teach us?

(2) This one is very important. What actually happened between the devil and Micheal over Moses body and what is that very place trying to teach us?

Answer: (1) Jude starts out as a letter of admonition asking Christians to be faithful and stand up for the truth. Even to "contend earnestly" for it. After that, the writer warns of the danger of false teaches that have sprung up within various congregations and warns of the destruction that they produce. Finally, the writer gets back to the idea of remaining steadfast (inspite of the false teachers) and living faithfully.

(2) The context is dealing with false teachers and their description. v8 says that they revile authority (of any kind) and they revile angelic authority. Though angels do not have any inherent authority, they are the servants of God. As they perform duties for God, they are acting by God's authority. v.10 says that these men revile what they do not understand. Their minds are not in tune with God's and what God has mandated for them is beyond their understanding. v.9 about Michael and Satan disputing over Moses's body is symbolic language.

As we read about death and what happens to all souls, we understand that there is never a dispute of where a person belongs after death. That is determined by the persons life and especially his/her condition or relationship with God at the point of death. Obviously, Satan wants us all, the same as God want's us all. But this scenario, we understand that Michael knows who has all authority, and would not pronounce any judgement at all, but placed it in the Lord's court.

Apparently, the false teachers had been judging and condemning people to hell for various things. That obviously is wrong. Only God will judge where a person goes after death. Man cannot condemn or glorify anyone into hell or heaven. That will be done when God separates the sheep from the goats (Matt 25:31-46).

Keep studying God's word. (Carey Scott, 7-10-2000,

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