Question: Water Doth Now Also Save Us? I Peter 3:20:21..We find the "Like Figure of Water...which saved Noah...does now also save us.. Jesus said in Mark 16:16-18 Jesus said that He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved....?

Answer: You ask the question---Does the water save? Of course the answer is no. Then what is the meaning of the passage in 1 Peter 3? If you will notice, Peter suggest that the baptism (in water) is not for the purpose of washing away the filth of the flesh as you might get in a ritual cleansing ceremony practiced by many cultures. The baptism is an appeal to God with your conscience. How do we know what appeal we are making here?

We read the rest of the New Testament and see what we are really appealing. Baptism was commanded by Jesus Christ Mark 16:15-16 and Matt 28:18-20. It is implied in the statement in Luke 24:46-47. All the examples of conversion to the Way, is found in Acts. Every one of those examples includes water. Paul was even encouraged to be baptized to wash away his sins (Acts 22:16). Later on Paul would explain that baptism is a sembelance of the death burial and resurrection of Christ.

As we read the scriptures, we see that a person by faith through obedience will submit to God in baptism. This is a work. Can works save? No! Yet we also know that faith alone does not work towards our salvation either. How do we demonstrate our faith? By works. When we willingly obey Christ and follow His commandments we will receive the benefits of His grace. Baptism or water of themselves do not save, but faith working through love is what proves to God that you are committing yourself to Him.

You cannot have salvation without baptism, or any other work that has been commanded of us. If we want salvation, we will learn from God's word what He wants us to do, and we will do it faithfully.

Keep studying God's word. (Carey Scott, 6-28-2000

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