Question:What does it cost to go to heaven?

Answer: It cost everything that stands in the way of receiving and accepting the grace of God. In Luke 14: 25-35, there is a long passage concerning the cost of discipleship. We may have to distance ourselves from family and friends, we may have to sacrifice fun, money, lust or other pursuits. Any way you view it, we must be willing to give it ALL up for Him who died for us. Even though Eph 2 describes the gift of grace, we must learn that it only comes through Jesus Christ, at our decision to accept the terms that Christ gave us through His word of truth. Titus 2 teaches us that the grace of God hath appeard unto all men, but we also know that only a few will be willing to endure the hardships and sacrifices of discipleship.

Keep studying God's word. (Carey Scott 5-31-2000

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