Question: Do you think the Anti-Christ is on the earth now. And who might he be?

Answer: 1 John and 2 John give us the characteristics of the antichrist. A proper review will demonstrate that:
Anyone who denies that Christ exists is an antichrist.
Anyone who denies that God visited man in the flesh is an antichrist.
Anyone who denies the Divine nature of the man Jesus Christ is an antichrist.
Anyone who teaches a doctrine contrary to the doctrine of Christ is an antichrist.
Anyone who sins continually is an antichrist.

The spirit of antichrist is an attitude as described above. Most people only need to go as far as a mirror to identify an antichrist.

Read chapters 2 and 3 and 2 John and determine for yourself what or who the antichrist is. Any name that an expert can give on this service will probably be right if they meet the characteristics.

Keep studying God's word. ( on 7/22/2000)

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