An Exposition of the Book of Ruth

I. Introduction

A. Ruth 1:1-5

B. The period of the judges was a time of spiritual darkness, moral decay, economic hardship, and political chaos in Israel. But this dark era had its bright spots, and the light of righteousness shone brightly on a destitute young widow from Moab, named Ruth.

1. Genesis 19:30-37 Ruth was not a descendant of Abraham, as were the Israelites. Rather she was of the lineage of Moab, the son, and grandson, of Lot by incest with his eldest daughter.

2. Deuteronomy 23:3-4 Moabites were never to be allowed into the congregation of the Lord.

3. Ruth 2:12 Despite the Mosaic injunction, a good hearted Israelite, named Boaz, didn't faint to offer this benediction upon Ruth.

C. Probably no woman before Mary, the mother of Jesus, received as full a reward as did Ruth. Why was this Moabitess so greatly rewarded by God?

Let's examine.

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