“For I had much joy and comfort in thy love, because the hearts of the saints have been refreshed through thee, brother”(Philemon 7).

There are two kinds of folks: those who are refreshing and those who seem to never offer something that is refreshing. It is up to the individual to bring joy and comfort into the lives of those who please God. It is not difficult for each of us to work to be more like Philemon.

To be commended by an apostle of Christ was a wonderful recommendation of this man. He had brought joy and comfort to the “hearts of the saints.” The brethren welcomed the company of such a person, as did Paul. There was something that made Philemon a refreshing person--saints were glad to see him; happy to be in his presence; delighted to have someone around of his nature.

Every congregation needs such folks. In fact, we are need to be of the nature of this good man. He brought happiness to those with whom he associated. He was the spark that made saints glad to accept his presence. A true disciple who cared for others and their needs, Philemon stands out in a crowd as one whose presence blesses all of those who love the Lord and His word.

How is it with me and you? Are we of the nature and disposition of Philemon? Are others glad to see us? Or, do they take measures to avoid any contact knowing that only a complaint or gripe will be forthcoming? The proper disposition of a disciple comes from following the instructions and examples that are found in the New Testament. Have we read it lately?

By James L.(Jim) Yopp

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