Questions For A Study of Hebrews

Chapter Five

Is anyone self-appointed to serve as High priest?

What are the duties of the High priest?

Whom does the High priest serve?

What are the cross references in the following verses;



7. Did Christ appoint Himself to this position?

8. Who was Melchizedek?

9. What is the cross-reference to Melchizedek?

10. When did Jesus offer prayers and supplications with loud crying?

11. How, if being perfect, did Jesus learn obedience?

12. What is the result of being made perfect?

13. If Jesus was perfect in all things, how could He be made perfect?

14. What does it mean to be “dull of hearing”

15. What are some of the “elementary principles”?

16. What are the “oracles of God”?

17. How can we be able to discern between good and evil?

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