B.J. Clarke

Just a few weeks ago, Brian Carl Peterson and Amy Suzanne Grossberg were indicted by a grand jury in Wilmington, Delaware. They were charged with first- degree murder charges in the death of their newborn baby.

According to police, Grossberg secretly gave birth to the child in a motel room on November 12th after which Peterson placed the 6 pound 2 ounce baby boy in a plastic trash bag and discarded him in the motel's trash bin.

What a tragic case, and so unnecessary. If only they had acted sooner, they could have avoided all of these charges and the associated bad publicity. If only they had realized that there were other "more civilized" ways to get rid of a baby. If only they had possessed the dignity to have their baby professionally killed, then all would be well right now. They could have hired a hit-man dressed in surgery scrubs to do the job for them, and it all would have been legal. How could they be so foolish? If they had only thought of it, when Amy first learned that she was pregnant, they could have hired a doctor to employ a vacuum tube with a sharp blade attached to it, and he could have sucked the child from the womb, dicing it up into several pieces.

Then, instead of the police picking up the child out of the public trash bag, a nurse could have reassembled the severed body parts to make sure that none were accidentally left in the mother's womb. Surely, that would have been more humane than dumping the child in the trash can.

Or Brian and Amy could have opted for a later method of abortion. Sometime between her 7th and 12th week of pregnancy, a doctor could have entered her womb with a loop shaped steel knife. With this knife he could have sliced the placenta from the walls of the uterus and cut the baby's tiny body into pieces. Wouldn't that have been more humane than having the baby and throwing it away?

Still again, between the 12th and 18th week of the pregnancy, they could have hired a hit-man to perform a D & E abortion. In this case, without providing any fetal anesthetic, the doctor could have utilized a sharp toothed pliers-like instrument to dismember the baby part by part until all parts were removed from the womb. The bleeding would be profuse, but it would still be more humane than just throwing the baby in the trash can, would it not?

Besides that, it would have been legal!

If only Brian and Amy had realized that after 16 weeks of pregnancy, they had the option of seeking a salt-poisoning abortion. They could have hired a doctor to insert a long needle through the mother's abdomen into the baby's sac and inject a solution of concentrated salt. The baby would have breathed in the salt and been poisoned by it. The corrosive effect of the salt would have burned off the outer layer of the baby's skin. Just over an hour after the injection the baby would have been dead. About 24 hours later, Amy would have delivered the dead child and "professional" personnel could have thrown it into a trash can for her. Then she could have walked out the door and resumed a normal life.

Or Amy could have had a C-section abortion, a hysterotomy. this late-term method of abortion is just like a C-section until after the cord is cut. In a Cesarean Section, the baby's phlegm is sucked out, and taken to the intensive care of a newborn nursery where everything is done to care for the child. In a C-section abortion, the cord is cut and the child is deposited in the trash can. The method is not that much different than what Brian and Amy did, except that a "qualified" killer legally carries out the operation. It is much more humane to have a doctor throw your baby into the trash can than for you to do it personally.

Amy could have even had a partial-birth abortion, and that with the approval of the President of the United States. Although in March of 1996, Congress gave final approval to a bill to ban partial-birth abortion, except when necessary to save the mother's life, President Clinton vetoed the bill on April 10, 1996, thus allowing partial-birth abortions to continue to be performed without restriction.

With the permission of the Supreme Court, and President of the United States, Brian and Amy could have killed their baby and avoided the indictment of murder for doing so. A partial-birth abortion would have been their ticket to freedom from the baby and from legal action. With the fetal heartbeat clearly registering on the monitor, a doctor could have delivered the baby's body and arms, everything but his little head. Then, while the baby's feet were kicking, the doctor could have jammed scissors into the baby's skull, and then opened the scissors to enlarge the hole in the baby's head. Of course, the impact of the scissors would have caused the baby's arms to jerk out in a flinched, startled reaction, like a baby does when he thinks he might fall. But the pain wouldn't have lasted too long, because the doctor would have stuck a high powered suction tube into the hole in the baby's head and sucked the baby's brains out. The limp and lifeless body of the baby would have been disposed of, and a few hours later, Brian and Amy could have left the hospital to pursue their hopes and dreams.

If only they had taken advantage of executing their child through the means of the legalized death penalty known as abortion, then they wouldn't be facing the death penalty themselves. If only they had exercised their choice to go to an abortion clinic and exterminate the baby, they would be cast as national heroes, exercising their freedom to choose.

Instead, they are behind bars, facing a potential death penalty. How tragic! If only Brain Peterson and Amy Grossberg had remembered to let a doctor kill their baby, they would have been praised and not arrested! What a country!

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