A Really Bad Punch Line


Back in the nineteen-sixties, One animal rights group was outraged that open season had been declared on the great American Buffalo in order to help thin the herd in and near some of our national parks.

They began herding the buffalo (by helicopter) into holding pens. The buffalo would then be loaded onto railroad cars and shipped to places where there were no buffalo.
One very smart buffalo named "Gus" decided that the holding pen was not the place for him so he staged a mutiny. Gus and ten of his fellow buffalo decided to make a break for it. They burst the gate of the holding pen and were free at last.

Early the next morning, they heard the sound of helicopters so they hid. Deciding it was too dangerous to stay in the park area, they headed South, toward Dallas, Texas. Grazing was not so good, so they came on further south toward Houston. While at the Johnson Space Center, they learned about "Cape Canaveral." The pictures were great... plenty of water, plenty of grass, and no helicopters. Gus and his friends headed for Florida.

They found the "Cape" and grazed to their hearts content each day. As they grazed, a rocket was being readied for launch on a nearby pad. The order came for the area to be evacuated of all living animals. Gus and his friends continued to graze. In order to get them out of the area (for their own safety), NASA sent in helicopters to round up the buffalo.
Gus and his friends recognized the sound and began running. They took cover under the rocket. They saw a man walking near the pad, so they climbed the tower and into the top stage of the rocket which was about to go into orbit.

Since no one knew where the buffalo were, NASA assumed they were clear of the area and continued the countdown. As the rocket lifted off, Gus and his friends became the "FIRST HERD SHOT AROUND THE WORLD."

See, I warned You.

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