Everybody, Somebody, Anybody and Nobody were all neighbors in a community. These four fellows worshiped at the same church. Yet, they were unlike you and me, for they were more mature in their judgment.

Everybody was out of town most Sundays visiting relatives and Somebody, a real sport, usually went fishing, hiking, hunting, or golfing. Anybody could have gone to worship service but he thought that he wouldn't really be missed since Nobody would be there. So, Nobody went to church service.

Not long ago, one of the elders needed a teacher for one of the Bible classes. Everyone thought Somebody would teach the class and Somebody thought Anybody could do the teaching. So they wound up with Nobody teaching the class.

It seems that Nobody was the only decent chap among them. Nobody did the work when Everybody didn't, when Somebody wouldn't and Anybody couldn't.

One day an unbeliever moved into the community. Everybody honestly believed Somebody would teach him. Somebody thought Anybody could while Anybody thought Everybody had already talked to him. But in reality Nobody did.

The years went by and these four chaps {Everybody, Somebody, Anybody and Nobody} died and went to meet their Creator. Care to guess who finally went to heaven? That's right - NOBODY!

Author unknown

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