Christian Growth

It is the Christian's responsibility to grow in all aspects of Christian service. Failure to grow has consequences that are not pleasant to consider.

Most Christians, however, have not learned well enough about their responsibilities to the Lord and their servitude towards others. This study is designed to provoke, embarrass, and motivate Christians to get up out of their easy chair and BEGIN working for the Master as God's word instructs us.

There will also be several articles on the General Articles Page dealing with this most important subject.

  1. The "D"s of Christian Growth - a series by Carey Scott from an outline by ?
  2. POWERPOINT PRESENTATION on above series
  3. Counting The Cost Of Discipleship - by Carey Scott
  4. Put Some Effort Into It and Count The Cost - by Garreth L. Clair
  5. All Christians Should Work - by Garreth Clair
  6. How To Grow Spiritually - by Rodney Britton
  7. Growing In Discipleship - by Don Hooten
  8. Spiritual Growth - by Ethan Longhenry
  9. My Lesson On Spiritual Growth - by Becky Rene
  10. A Personal Inventory Sheet
  11. A Home Inventory Sheet
  12. Responding To Opportunities To Grow - by Warren E Berkley

Growing In God's Grace and Knowledge - a book by Carey Scott

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