Forward and Dedication

This study is based upon a series of sermons preached at the Greenwood Village Church of Christ in the spring of 1996. The members encouraged me in this effort. They feel that it is worth repeating. Preachers may use this as sermon material. Others may use this for their own edification and growth. Most people who take time to read this study will be Christians. Some who read this are being encouraged to become Christians. If you have been thinking about obeying the Gospel of Christ, then please do not wait. You can learn from this study. This study would be excellent for developing and training "babes in Christ". “Babes” are those who have recently obeyed the Gospel. This would be a good class study for Christians of all ages and abilities.

My thanks are extended to the members of the Greenwood Village Church of Christ. They have given me encouragement and have extended their love to my family and me. Thanks to all of them. My thanks to my in-laws, Dwight and Aloah King, for their continued love, support, and encouragement. My thanks to my parents, Weldon and Gladene Scott who fought the good fight against error and taught me to respect God's word. They also taught me by example how to study the Bible.

Especially, I would like to thank my wife, Candy, and son, Aaron, and daughter, Amy. They have been the greatest source of encouragement and inspiration to me. They have also been patient while I have studied and worked on these lessons and all my other work as a preacher. I dedicate this study to all of these faithful Christians. May God bless them continually. God will bless all of His children, may you be one of them.

I hope that you will read this study and understand that this study is given to all who read it in the spirit of love. Love for God, Christ, His Word, His Church and His people. I have tried to the best of my ability to present biblical references to every doctrine printed in these pages. Any portion of this work may be used in teaching and preaching the Gospel. If souls can be saved, this work is worth the effort put into it.

Permission is granted to anyone who wishes to use this material for the advancement of the Gospel and the development of the Church. The author reserves the copyright for any potential monetary gain by anyone other than the author or his heirs.

Thank you for reading it and I hope you can learn from it.

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