Chapter Fourteen

Sharing the Gospel

Our study up to this section started with the foundation of the knowledge of God and His will. We have grown. We have matured in the spirit. We have an understanding about God and what our purpose is to fulfill God's will for us. We have learned how to live in our present circumstances. Now, we come to the final section where we put all of this in action. If we have gone through this study and have applied the principles taught, we are ready to share the Gospel with others. We have learned what God wants us to do. Now is the time that we should start.

It takes a lot of courage to share the Gospel. Primarily, because of our own fears. We must go beyond our fears, and realize what God has done for us. We should be so thankful for what God has done for us that we are motivated to do something about it. Had someone not taken the time to teach you the Gospel, you could not have forgiveness of sins. You could not have a hope of salvation. Had Jesus not died on the cross, you could not be saved.

We must be mindful that God revealed Himself. God gave us everything necessary for our salvation. God gave us His Son, Jesus the Christ. Jesus gave Himself to die on the cross. It was His choice to obey God. God empowered the Holy Spirit to promote the Gospel to the world. We must be living bibles to the world around us.

Matthew 28:19-20 (NKJV) "Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, {20} "teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age." Amen.

Acts 1:8 (NKJV) "But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be witnesses to Me in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth."

It was the Holy Spirit that moved men to write the sacred scriptures. The scriptures are able to make us "wise unto salvation". We have read and understood the word of God. We have learned that our obedience is necessary to please God. We have learned that God and Jesus have a place prepared for the devil and his angels. We have learned that God and Jesus have a place prepared for His righteous ones. We have heaven promised to the faithful. We have been taught to follow the examples of Jesus and Paul and other faithful brethren. We have been taught that God has a plan for us. We know that God has a job for us to do. We must be servants of God. Servants are workers who serve their master and do his will. We are all servants of God, and we must do His will.

John 14:15 (NKJV) "If you love Me, keep My commandments.

God has commanded us to share the Gospel to our corner of the world. God has taught us to live righteously. Our last section dealt with the idea of living a godly life. It showed us that we must be an example and a guiding light to the world. We have learned that it is now our responsibility to teach others. If we are to be like God, we must have a love for the souls of people around us. We must do all that we can to save their souls. We must show them how important God is to us, and why God should be important to them.

Romans 10:14-17 (NKJV) How then shall they call on Him in whom they have not believed? And how shall they believe in Him of whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear without a preacher? {15} And how shall they preach unless they are sent? As it is written: "How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the gospel of peace, Who bring glad tidings of good things!" {16} But they have not all obeyed the gospel. For Isaiah says, "Lord, who has believed our report?" {17} So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.

Acts 8:4 (NKJV) Therefore those who were scattered went everywhere preaching the word.

In the first century, after Jesus died, the gospel was taken around the world. The people of the first century knew the importance of the gospel, and they took it everywhere. We may not go everywhere, but we can go somewhere. We can go to our homes, and our neighborhoods, and our schools, and our jobs. The Apostles were taught to go teach all nations. The Apostles were also commanded to teach disciples to observe all His commandments. The Holy Spirit was given to confirm this great commission. The great commission did not end when the Apostles died. It continues as a job for everyone who has heard the gospel and obeyed it. Our salvation depends upon our sharing the gospel with others. If we fail to teach, we will not be allowed into heaven. We must be mindful of how we teach, and what we teach.

If Jesus died with a purpose, then we must know that as followers, we must also live with a purpose. That purpose is the same thing that God has designed for all of mankind.

2 Peter 3:9 (NKJV) The Lord is not slack concerning His promise, as some count slackness, but is longsuffering toward us, not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance.

1 Timothy 2:4 (NKJV) who desires all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth.

God is not willing that any should perish. God desires all men to be saved. If we are to be like God, we also should not be willing that any should perish. We should hope that all men be saved. We know that Jesus taught that not everyone would accept the right way. We must not let this fact stand in our way to teach them. Because many wish to live wickedly, does not take the responsibility away from us. How will these people know of God and their lack of relationship with Him if you do not teach them? Do not expect that someone else will do this. That is one of our biggest problems. We leave evangelism to the evangelist or preacher. The preacher does not work daily by your side on the job and he cannot be the example to your co-workers. The preacher does not live in your house to teach your children and spouse the right way to live. The preacher does not know your neighbor like you do.

If you learn anything from this study, let it be this. You belong to God. You must do His will. You stand accountable to God for your deeds. No one will take your place in the great day of judgement. No one should have to do your job.

Ephesians 2:8-10 (NKJV) For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God, {9} not of works, lest anyone should boast. {10} For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them.

1 Corinthians 15:1-4 (NKJV) Moreover, brethren, I declare to you the gospel which I preached to you, which also you received and in which you stand, {2} by which also you are saved, if you hold fast that word which I preached to you; unless you believed in vain. {3} For I delivered to you first of all that which I also received: that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures, {4} and that He was buried, and that He rose again the third day according to the Scriptures,

It is necessary that we teach others, because they are in the same condition that we used to be in. We were once lost in sin.

Isaiah 53:6 (NKJV) All we like sheep have gone astray; We have turned, every one, to his own way; And the LORD has laid on Him the iniquity of us all.

Isaiah 59:2 (NKJV) But your iniquities have separated you from your God; And your sins have hidden His face from you, So that He will not hear.

Romans 3:10-26 (NKJV) As it is written: "There is none righteous, no, not one; {11} There is none who understands; There is none who seeks after God. {12} They have all turned aside; They have together become unprofitable; There is none who does good, no, not one." {13} "Their throat is an open tomb; With their tongues they have practiced deceit"; "The poison of asps is under their lips"; {14} "Whose mouth is full of cursing and bitterness." {15} "Their feet are swift to shed blood; {16} Destruction and misery are in their ways; {17} And the way of peace they have not known." {18} "There is no fear of God before their eyes." {19} Now we know that whatever the law says, it says to those who are under the law, that every mouth may be stopped, and all the world may become guilty before God. {20} Therefore by the deeds of the law no flesh will be justified in His sight, for by the law is the knowledge of sin. {21} But now the righteousness of God apart from the law is revealed, being witnessed by the Law and the Prophets, {22} even the righteousness of God, through faith in Jesus Christ, to all and on all who believe. For there is no difference; {23} for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, {24} being justified freely by His grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus, {25} whom God set forth as a propitiation by His blood, through faith, to demonstrate His righteousness, because in His forbearance God had passed over the sins that were previously committed, {26} to demonstrate at the present time His righteousness, that He might be just and the justifier of the one who has faith in Jesus.

Revelation 20:15 (NKJV) And anyone not found written in the Book of Life was cast into the lake of fire.

Isaiah 64:6 (NKJV) But we are all like an unclean thing, And all our righteousnesses are like filthy rags; We all fade as a leaf, And our iniquities, like the wind, Have taken us away.

We were lost because of our own sins. We were not lost because of our parent's sins. We were not lost because of the sin of Adam. We were not lost because of the Jews who crucified Him. We were lost and God knew it. Therefore God did something about it. When we realized that we were lost, we had to do something about it. We had to make some changes in our life. When we obeyed the gospel, we were cleansed from our sins. We were restored to a relationship with God. We became children of God. We accepted our responsibilities. We need to know that we must be like Jesus. We need to know that we must have the same love for souls that He had.

1 Timothy 1:15 (NKJV) This is a faithful saying and worthy of all acceptance, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners, of whom I am chief.

Matthew 1:21 (NKJV) "And she will bring forth a Son, and you shall call His name JESUS, for He will save His people from their sins."

Luke 1:77 (NKJV) To give knowledge of salvation to His people By the remission of their sins,

Now that we are children of God and have a love for other people’s souls, we must do something about it. We must remain in this relationship with God. Learning, doing, and teaching His will does this. Read Ezra 7:10.

Isaiah 52:11 (NKJV) Depart! Depart! Go out from there, Touch no unclean thing; Go out from the midst of her, Be clean, You who bear the vessels of the LORD.

Psalms 51:13 (NKJV) Then I will teach transgressors Your ways, And sinners shall be converted to You.

Acts 8:35 (NKJV) Then Philip opened his mouth, and beginning at this Scripture, preached Jesus to him.

Acts 17:2 (NKJV) Then Paul, as his custom was, went in to them, and for three Sabbaths reasoned with them from the Scriptures,

Acts 18:28 (NKJV) for he vigorously refuted the Jews publicly, showing from the Scriptures that Jesus is the Christ.

We have a responsibility to ourselves to remain pure. We also have a responsibility to God to maintain purity. We must maintain purity in our lives, and purity in the church. We also must teach the gospel. Like Paul, we must learn the scriptures, so that we can reason from them. We have to learn book, chapter, and verse. If we are to declare the will of God, we must rely on His word. It means a lot more when we say; "God says" in His word, than when we say; "I say you should live this way".

2 Timothy 2:15 (NKJV) Be diligent to present yourself approved to God, a worker who does not need to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

2 Timothy 3:14-17 (NKJV) But you must continue in the things which you have learned and been assured of, knowing from whom you have learned them, {15} and that from childhood you have known the Holy Scriptures, which are able to make you wise for salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus. {16} All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, {17} that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work.

2 Timothy 4:2 (NKJV) Preach the word! Be ready in season and out of season. Convince, rebuke, exhort, with all longsuffering and teaching.

We must learn God's word and know it. We must live it. That makes it easier to teach it. Because we are so familiar with it. People who live worldly have a very difficult time trying to teach spiritual things. But people, who live with the Spirit, have little problem teaching spiritual matters. At any moment we must be ready to teach or defend the gospel. We may even have to teach without the Bible in our hand. How can you teach what the Bible teaches without knowing it? You can't!

Hebrews 3:15 (NKJV) while it is said: "Today, if you will hear His voice, Do not harden your hearts as in the rebellion."

2 Corinthians 6:2 (NKJV) For He says: "In an acceptable time I have heard you, And in the day of salvation I have helped you." Behold, now is the accepted time; behold, now is the day of salvation.

Isaiah 55:6 (NKJV) Seek the LORD while He may be found, Call upon Him while He is near.

Proverbs 27:1 (NKJV) Do not boast about tomorrow, For you do not know what a day may bring forth.

James 4:13-15 (NKJV) Come now, you who say, "Today or tomorrow we will go to such and such a city, spend a year there, buy and sell, and make a profit"; {14} whereas you do not know what will happen tomorrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapor that appears for a little time and then vanishes away. {15} Instead you ought to say, "If the Lord wills, we shall live and do this or that."

When do we preach Jesus? It is not reserved for Sunday school or services. We preach Jesus all the time. That is why it is so important to live like you teach. You must know that there is more preaching from the pews than from the pulpit. The preaching from the pulpit only last a few minutes. The preaching coming from the lives of those who sit in the pews last all week. All members are preachers in one form or another. We will discuss this later.

Isaiah 58:5 (NKJV) Is it a fast that I have chosen, A day for a man to afflict his soul? Is it to bow down his head like a bulrush, And to spread out sackcloth and ashes? Would you call this a fast, And an acceptable day to the LORD?

Isaiah 58:6 (NKJV) "Is this not the fast that I have chosen: To loose the bonds of wickedness, To undo the heavy burdens, To let the oppressed go free, And that you break every yoke?

Isaiah 58:7 (NKJV) Is it not to share your bread with the hungry, And that you bring to your house the poor who are cast out; When you see the naked, that you cover him, And not hide yourself from your own flesh?

Isaiah 58:8 (NKJV) Then your light shall break forth like the morning, Your healing shall spring forth speedily, And your righteousness shall go before you; The glory of the LORD shall be your rear guard.

What we must learn is that we do not set our own standards of righteousness. God has set these standards. We must learn God's standards and adjust our lives to be in accordance with these standards. Remember that God will not change for us, we must change for God.

1 Timothy 6:18 (NKJV) Let them do good, that they be rich in good works, ready to give, willing to share,

2 Timothy 1:8 (NKJV) Therefore do not be ashamed of the testimony of our Lord, nor of me His prisoner, but share with me in the sufferings for the gospel according to the power of God,

Hebrews 13:16 (NKJV) But do not forget to do good and to share, for with such sacrifices God is well pleased.

We must share the gospel with everyone. We must not be so selfish to keep it for ourselves. It is selfishness that got us into trouble in the first place. We have to learn to share our blessings with those who do not have them. We must give of ourselves in order to show Jesus in our lives. God gave of Himself. Jesus gave of Himself. We must give of ourselves. This is what Christianity is all about.

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