It will not be my intention in these series of study to lay out a prolonged study of the books. Some undoubtedly will be brief and others long. I will cover many of the high points, maybe not all, and seek the underlying principles they may have to offer. This will not be a commentary or an exposition of the Scriptures. (I will leave that to the scholarly.) Many works of uninspired writers have been consulted in the preparation of this series, and proper credit is due those authors. All the material is not of my own thoughts; I merely reassembled some of the thoughts and ideas to the present form. This survey is intended primarily for the novice, the babe in Christ, though the scholarly may also benefit from it. It can also function as a concise reference tool, hopefully to open new doors to new areas of study that would become part of a basic study library. This, my first effort, will cover the Old Testament only. As time may permit, and if God wills it, I will endeavor to survey the New Testament as well.

The right approach to a Bible examination is to analyze it first, and then to synthesize the contents. As we survey the Scriptures, we will be concerned with the first aspect of the approach, or looking at the Bible as a whole. That is just what this writing is all about. We are going to see a panoramic view of the entire Bible by an analysis of each book with its people and its events. Bible study, if properly approached, can be like an adventure-packed experience. An approach such as this can serve two purposes; one designed as an aid for our study of the Word of God, and another for a call to holiness, and prayerfulness, and fruitfulness of life in Christ. Notwithstanding our need for preachers and teachers of God's word, it is of more urgency that we need men and women who will LIVE the Bible.

May this be helpful to all of us to learn, love, and live the Scriptures. I desire no glory in this endeavor - give God the glory. Should this Bible survey prove to be a valuable tool in helping the reader to have a better grasp of the general themes and thoughts contained in the Bible, and know how to find them quickly, it will have served its purpose.

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