There is too much physical abuse of women (wives) being reported. Even one case would be too many but I was motivated to write when I read a statement in an article by Cary Clack in the SA Express News. The statement: "Yet sometimes it's not the body but the mind and psyche that are abused."

In my 50+ years of preaching I have observed this to be true, of all places, among my preaching brethren and, of course, among the brethren themselves.. Among the preachers there is sometimes an attitude of arrogance, perhaps because of a high attainment of education or perhaps a feeling of importance because of his position. And, sadly, some of the wives of such men have bowed to this arrogant attitude. Sometimes, the preacher's wife is just a bearer of his children, or a housekeeper, and he leaves her to tend the children and clean the house while he excuses himself from such mundane chores by having morning coffee with his close cronies or attending morning meetings or playing politics by visiting with the more prominent members of the congregation. He also ignores her in social gatherings as he mingles and jokes, sometimes even using her dowdiness or her lack of education as the butt of his jocular encounters. And then on Sunday, preaches a sermon on Ephesians 5 always emphasizing man's dominance over the woman and ignoring the simple statement of inspiration, "Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the Church, and gave himself for it."

Then the more accomplished, better educated wives of the preachers, whose delight, it seems, is to publicly criticize their husbands for any little trivial mistake he might make. She has no intention of giving constructive criticism. He starts to tell a tale or a joke and she takes over; perhaps explaining what he means or interrupts the tale with one of her own. She is critical of his delivery, his clothing, his lack of higher education, etc., forgetting that she is to be his "help meet." One who is worthy to be a part of him, his helper, his friend.

And both have forgotten the admonition to "submit yourselves one to the other." Have concern and respect for one another. Without the aid of a loving and tender woman I don't see how any man could ever expect to be the kind of man a gospel preacher is supposed to be. And without the tender care and concern of a devoted man, I don't see how any woman can love and respect the man she has promised to love and honor as her husband.

The above remarks also include all saints and sinners alike. God honors the husband and wife relationship and give it instruction on how it must be. Be sure to honor Him by listening to what he says.

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