"Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!" (Isaiah 5:20).

Just as it was in the days of Isaiah, so it is today. In particular do we find evil being called good. When I was just a lad, divorce was a bad word. About the only people who were divorced had a scriptural cause for it. But even the innocent party bore the stigma of "a divorced person." But nowadays divorce is a common thing. People are not concerned about having a scriptural reason. Divorce and remarriage is an accepted life style. Evil has become good.

When I was a lad, ladies didn't display their skin like they do now. In fact ladies tried to be "ladylike." The underside of the thigh was not shown when sitting. The cleavage of the breast had not come into prominence and the navel was not only unsightly but well covered. I recently heard of a "navel beauty contest." And when I was a lad, men didn't go about in public with their hairy chests bared. But now that which was then evil is accepted as very good.

When I was a lad, prohibition was law and anyone who drank alcoholic beverages were considered outlaws. Prohibition was repealed and that which was evil was declared, by law, to be good. Even then, very few men drank during the day and ladies not at all. But now, beer is guzzled for breakfast, cocktails for lunch and pick-me-ups are consumed all day. Even though alcohol consumption is responsible for 50% of fatal car accidents, wife battering and child abuse runs rampant in alcoholic homes and alcohol is blamed for all kinds of crime and many health hazards, not one warning label has been attached to alcoholic beverages and it is accepted in all circles of society as being good.

There are other evil things that are called good such as abortion and homosexuality and those who carry on the fight for good are often labeled as trouble-makers just as it was in the days of the prophet.

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