Sixteen years ago, Sunday, May 12, 1985, 9:30 a.m. until about noon, I suffered a massive heart attack. I had had a few chest pains earlier so I had my wife call one of the brethren to preach and teach my class and we headed for the emergency room. About the time they placed me on a gurney and wheeled me into an observation room, the massive attack began. I was fortunate to be at the right place at the right time. So the Lord used the hospital personnel to give me another chance. Another chance to perhaps finish some unfinished work that he wanted me to do.

About 12 hours later on this same day, a very close friend of mine, Roy E. Cogdill, in like manner, suffered a massive heart attack. Roy had fought many battles, a good fight, and he had kept the faith, he had finished his course, so the Lord allowed him to leave this old world of cares and troubles and enter into --- rest. There would be no more work for him to do. So I would like to dedicate this poem, that I originally wrote for another, to his memory. May he never be forgotten.

Going Home
by Bob Craig

I've traveled a long, long journey,
But now I'm going home.
Sometimes the load was heavy,
But I carried it not alone.

Sometimes I walked in the valley so dark,
Sometimes in green pastures I lay ,
Beside still waters I rested a while,
And waited for breaking of day.

And now I stand at the river's shore,
I'm tired, I'm weary, I'm worn,
The day is over, it's time to go,
But I'll wait ‘til the coming of dawn.

The river is silent and calm and warm,
The crossing will not take long,
Then I'll be at rest, with all the best,
My eternity will have begun.

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