According to the archaeological world, the two most recent lines of the evolutionary chain are the Homo-sapiens and Homo-erectus. The Sapiens lived about 250,000 to 500,000 years ago. Homo-erectus came after or actually lapped over into that age and, as such, continue to evolve until this present time.

But recent scientific developments have brought forth a process called DNA testing. I have no idea what all is involved in this DNA test but from all accounts, great things can be discovered. Many crimes have been solved and innocence has been revealed by the use of this test. But, tomorrow may bring forth a new and better test and set aside all that DNA revealed.

Be that as it may, an Associated Press release tells of the test being used in regard to the Neanderthal man and the findings reveal that, actually, Homo-sapien Neanderthal is not in the linage of man. However, they say, from that same line the genes split and Homo-sapien evolved into another species while, from the same gene, Homo-erectus evolved into what we now know as man. The idea seems to be that from that time the monkey line went one way and the human line went another. The only thing this new finding does is to show us, and them, that science has a long way to go before they declare anything to be 100% proved.

They say that this is all based on scientific facts. But the dates for these various bones have not and cannot be dated with any great accuracy. The Carbon-14 method of dating, which is universally used for dating purposes, has been acknowledged as not being accurate beyond a few hundred years. After all, they dated the Piltdown Man as being the oldest bone found of man --- and he turned out to be a hoax.

For further information on the origin of man, read the 1st and 2nd chapters of Genesis.

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