"Easter" Sunday is almost universally recognized in the religious world as being the day set aside for the celebration of the Lord's resurrection. [Look at No. 125 for more information on these special days.]

On a certain first day of the week, about 1970 years ago, three devout ladies approached the tomb of Jesus. They were coming to anoint his dead body appropriately as was the custom of the Jews. Their concern was about the heavy stone that sealed the tomb. But when they arrived there, behold, the stone had already been removed but the body of Jesus was not there. An angel was there and told the simple story, "He is risen!" (Mark 16:6) Then the resurrected Jesus made himself known to the women and then to the apostles and Paul tells us of 500 of the brethren, and himself, who also saw him after his resurrection. A goodly number of eye witnesses.

Some say the first day of the week, Sunday, is of great significance because the Lord's Supper was celebrated on that day. No, we've got that backwards. The first day of the week and the significance of the resurrection was there first. That great day was chosen to be the day when the notable events of the gospel (the death, burial and resurrection) were to be remembered. Disciples everywhere would remember the great sacrifice of the cross, the death, the suffering Saviour, on this day, the first day of the week, the Resurrection Day.

So, not once a year, but every time the sun rises on the first day of the week, devout followers of Christ remember the empty tomb, and gather together to also remember the Cross.

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